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Friday, June 30, 2006

Kim Chiu & Mikee Lee

One of teh photos that didn't got its way to fame. Things just didn't work for Kim-Mikee. Or ABS-CBN just walked away with Kim-Gerald Love Team instead?

Get your Friendster Kim or Mikee graphics at isulong seoph!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kim Chiu Mosaic Image

Friday, May 12, 2006

Kim Chiu's Grand Opening Picture

Charming & cutie Kim Chiu smiles as the crowd welcomes her on the day opening of Teen Edition.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kim Chiu - Chinese Cutie ng Cebu

Kimberly Sue "KIM" Chiu
16 years old from Cebu

Except for the fact that she's not an orphan, Kim has a sort of 'Cinderella' story. The teen who hails from Cebu, with her siblings, currently lives with her dad and his second family. Her parents separated when she was 9 years old. Her dad met her stepmom during a business trip in Vietnam. Kim's dad got into a vehicular accident and her 'tita' took care of him there. When Kim was in her first year in high school, her mom had to suddenly leave for Hong Kong, so her dad and his new family took her and her siblings under their wing. "Wala naman akong magawa. Hindi na rin naming nagawang magalit. Kesa magtanim ka ng galit sa puso mo, tanggapin mo na lang."

She rates her relationship with her stepmother as 'ok lang', neither good nor bad. "She doesn't talk to us about our dad. Minsan mabait siya minsan hindi. Dati masungit talaga siya. May nagawa lang kaming konting mali ng mga kapatid ko sinusumbong na niya sa daddy ko. Napapagalitan tuloy kami. Tapos minsan sabi ni daddy 50 pesos ang baon ko, then 20 lang ang bibigay niya." Their family used to be well-off. They even had a store in Tacloban. Her family isn't exactly dirt poor now but she sometimes misses the old days when she got driven to school by their own car. "My mom nagpatayo siya noon ng house na worth halos 4 million pesos tapos di naman pala namin kaya. Ang nagpapaaral sa akin ngayon dad at tita ko. We used to have our own house, our own car. Now we live with my lola and I take a jeep to school."

With her cute Chinese looks you'd think boys would be courting her left and right. But Kim's opinion of guys is not exactly the same as their opinion of her. "Tingin ko sa lahat ng lalaki manloloko. Sa simula ok kayo, kapag tumagal na, sumasama na ang ugali. Di na nagtetext, di na nagsasabi kung saan pupunta. Madali kang pagsawaan." Must be her bad experience with her ex-boyfriend. "Friends pa din naman kami hanggang ngayon. Pero sabi niya pagod na daw siya. Sabi ko naman ako rin pagod na. Pagod na sa kakasunod sa kanya, sa kakahanap at kapapaalam sa kanya. Ako na lang ng ako." So this means no Prince Charming for her at the moment.

She feels challenged by Pinoy Big Brother. She believes that she has enough talent and will power to take on Big Brother's tasks. "Gusto ko maging artista. Gusto ko din makita sa TV at patunayan sa mama ko, sa tita ko, sa mga tao na may talent ako. Pwede ako sumayaw, kumanta at umarte. I can play the guitar." Kim's really praying she wouldn't cry, something she hates doing. "Kasi pagumiyak ako sasabihin nila na talo ako."

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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